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Frequently Asked Questions - Processed Citrus

Getting Connected:

  1. What do I need to get connected?
    A computer with access to the internet, the website address, and a unique Hauler ID# provided by FDOA, and access provided by your suppliers.
  2. How do I get a Hauler ID #?
    Please check the list to see if a Hauler ID# has already been assigned to you. If so, please use the Hauler ID# already assigned for your application. If you have no number, just complete the application and submit it along with the $50.00 application fee. You must reapply each citrus season (August 1 through July 31) by submitting an application and the $50.00 fee. Your Hauler ID# will stay the same each season.

Operational Web Site:

  1. Do all suppliers have the ability to grant a hauler access?
    Yes. All suppliers are assigned a unique Supplier ID# by FDOA, however they must be actively participating (have submitted their own application for CitraNet access each season) in CitraNet in order to give a hauler permission to view their information online.
  2. Who do I call for Help with the website or application?
    The Florida Department of Agriculture, Technical Section. (863) 578-1900
  3. How are duplicate trip ticket numbers handled?
    The system allows for duplicate ticket numbers.
  4. What security measures has the FDOA taken to ensure that my test data cannot be accessed from outside sources or computer hackers?
    The integrity of the data is of utmost importance. Many security measures have been taken to meet this objective.
  5. What are the system requirements?
    In general you need a PC that has reasonable response time access to the internet. A minimum PC configuration is 100Mhz processor, 16MB of memory, and a 500 MB hard disk drive, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or NT workstation.
  6. How long does CitraNet retain test data?
    You may view test data for a period of seven days, at which time the oldest date is dropped and the latest date will be available for viewing. This policy has been implemented for both security reasons and file size.

Downloading Test Results:

  1. What software can I download to?
    Any standard spreadsheet program that has the capability to import text files. Some are Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123, etc.
  2. Can I import the downloaded file into my application software package?
    Yes, provided the package is CitraNet compatible. If not, a software programmer would have to develop a program to import the data into your own software accounting system.
  3. How do I download the file?
    Logon and select data elements desired. Click on the download button, which creates a file name and takes you to a new screen. Right click the mouse on the file name and select Save Target As (select what directory location on your PC you would like to store the downloaded file). If you want to use Excel to import the file into a spreadsheet, start Excel, open the file name you downloaded from CitraNet and Excel will prompt you through a Wizard and import all the data. You must then format the spreadsheet the way you desire.
  4. Can I download the same data more than once?
    Yes, as many times as you like.

Technical Questions:

  1. What type of internet browser should I use?
    There are many types of browsers available. The Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services currently uses both Netscape and Internet Explorer.
  2. What language is the CitraNet site written in?
    Several languages and technologies were used to develop the CitraNet web site. SQL, C++, HTML, Visual Basic, ASP, and Java were used in the development in areas that were well suited for the job.
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