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F.A.Q.'s - CitraNet
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Frequently Asked Questions - Fresh Citrus

Getting Connected:

  1. What do I need to get connected?
    A computer with access to the internet, the website address, and a unique supplier id provided for authorized fruit dealers, growers and packinghouses.
  2. How do I get a supplier ID Number?
    Call the FDACS @ (863) 578-1912 or (863) 578-1934. If you are still unable to receive assistance, call (800) 782-3240
QUESTION: If a packinghouse has a printer jam do they need to transmit the voided manifest certificate number?
  1. Yes you will need to transmit the document as a voided manifest certificate number. Other wise the numbering sequence will be out and FreshNet will not accept the data transaction.
  2. This will also apply to Supersedes.
QUESTION: Can a manifest be out of sequence?
  1. Within a batch, the numbering MUST be in sequence or the whole batch itself will be rejected. If numbering between batch files is not in sequence, you will need to complete the Manifest Accountability Notification form.
  2. All Voided or Supercedes must be transmitted and accounted for.
QUESTION: What kind of forms may I use?
  1. Preprinted Manifest forms and/or Computer Generated Manifests may be used. If you have not previously used Computer Generated Forms, you must contact the Division of Fruit and Vegetables, Statistical Section prior to implementing them.

Technical Questions:

  1. What type of internet browser should I use?
    There are many types of browsers available. The State of Florida uses Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher.
  2. What language is the CitraNet site written in?
    Several languages and technologies were used to develop the CitraNet web site. SQL, C++, Html, Visual Basic, and Java were used in the development in areas that were well suited for the job.
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